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hi, i'm jenny woods. bunny jenny. lil bunz.
everything you see on this blog is my own.
i don't believe in clothes or tamed hair. i'm addicted to sadness.

i reside in brooklyn... for now.

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Anonymous said: No, I'm certainly not. You've got me captivated.

you’re silly, anon


Anonymous said: You're the most gorgeous creature.

me? noooo, that’s you


Anonymous said: Which beach was that? Looks so awesome

fort tilden! topless beach :)


Anonymous said: How and why are you so beautiful? From one girl to another, you're all sorts of wonderful and lovely.

oh my. you are the lovely one. <3


Anonymous said: How often do you have sex with your boyfriend?

why, you wanna join?

"florida was only good for one thing: the stars. now all I see is an empty skyline from my empty roof and I dream of what the stars look like. you can see the moon from my bedroom window some nights, when I’m too afraid to sleep. I always told you that you tasted just like the moon. what I would imagine it to taste like, anyway. but all I can taste is the guilt now. it hangs heavy on your tongue and makes my head hurt. I’ve spent so many nights on this roof alone. and so have you. I’ve counted the windows on the way down every single time."
— monday, august 18th

escaped-youth said: you're incredibly talented, all of your pictures are so amazing and unique. its so inspiring

i wish i felt the same.. thank you, love!


stupid-twats said: what goes through your my when you you've taken a 'oh my fucking god' picture?

that literally never happens and if it has, it hasn’t happened in over a year


covenesque said: lmao. why do people ask you technical questions? you can have 50 people use the same camera and shoot the same subject but the result will be different for each?

I dunno. cameras aren’t important.


Anonymous said: What film cameras and films do you and Drew use?

where all da creative questions at