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hi, i'm jenny woods. bunny jenny. lil bunz.
everything you see on this blog is my own.
i don't believe in clothes or tamed hair. i'm addicted to sadness.

i reside in brooklyn... for now.

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infinitybiscuit said: "I don't understand you. when people ask deeply personal questions that are none of their business and you set clear boundaries it's like... I don't get that! women? having boundaries? makes no sense!"



hotvon said: I don't understand you. When people ask you about your relationship with Drew it's because their curious and yet you give them attitude. It's your fault why they ask you in the first place. You post things generally saying "your sorry for being the way that you are. But you still touch me the same way..." That post will get people thinking that it's probably you and Drew.

oh internet, how I love thee


you say you don’t know what you want. you say you’re sorry for being the way that you are. but you still touch me the same way. you still know where I like your hands. your mouth. your cock. you still fuck me the same way I asked you to the very first time. really, nothing has changed. but you keep saying things have.


Anonymous said: who'd you get the job with? like, where do you work? I'm so happy for you!!

it’s a juice bar position at a healthy grocery store in Dumbo! thank you! I’m really excited!


unkools said: this is so weird but i'm so proud of you, you're my idol :) you go girl!!!

haha, thank you!!! <3 :D


20 dollars in my bank account. behind on two months of rent and bills. dropped 7 pounds from not being able to afford food. I was told I needed to move back to Florida because I couldn’t find a job. but I’m stubborn and too proud and I stuck through it. I went with my gut. I start my new job tomorrow.

New York, you scare the shit out of me, but I’m so happy I get to call you home.


Anonymous said: what do you accomplish in being short with the person who sent you a question 3 times?... probably a submission error. why go to the trouble of belittling someone genuinely interested about your life that you make very public on your blog? this world is rude and cold enough already!

calm down


Anonymous said: Can you post a photo of your bee tattoo on your arm?

you have sent me this 3 times…


ththle said: Would you be so kind and took a minute to look at my photos? So I should know what's wrong with them. Please? :'(

I honestly think your photos are great. love your style. you show so much potential. just my opinion :)


Anonymous said: how is the project going? what do you think the outcome will be?

looks like it’s more than likely not going to happen. if it doesn’t, everyone gets their money refunded.


enfrightened said: I find your photography messy, real, honest. It's almost as if you are able to put my visions of art I want to make into photos that I haven't had the chance to take yet. Your work is beautiful.

thank ya, love :)


Anonymous said: how much do u weigh?

90 pounds


Anonymous said: how naked are you

naked enough to be considered naked.


Anonymous said: The url naughty-couples reposted a picture of yours without giving credit. The one of you and your boyfriend (or ex sorry). The one where you were on top of him then hugged him. Just fyi. Love your blog!

Well, that’s shitty of them… and there’s nothing I can do about it. And thank you!