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hi, i'm jenny woods. bunny jenny. lil bunz.
everything you see on this blog is my own.
i don't believe in clothes or tamed hair. i'm addicted to sadness.

i reside in brooklyn... for now.
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he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not

I don’t hide many things from the Internet. I share my beliefs, my opinions, my body, my emotions, and my relationships. There are few things that I do wish to keep private though.. it is sometimes difficult to keep those two worlds apart. There are people who hate me, who have never even heard the sound of my voice. People who like to interfere in every aspect of my life and try to hurt me. I’ve never been one to let people bring me down. I’ve never been someone to dwell on negativity from others, especially from the Internet because honestly, none of you are real. You do not exist. You’ll always just be a beautiful figment of my imagination.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my relationship with Drew. A lot of them I delete. And that’s because a lot of them are extremely cruel. I have an idea who this person or these people are but I’m not one to point any fingers. If I fall; let me. If I fuck up; let me. If I believe too many lies; let me. My point being: this is my life. These are my mistakes. This is what I have to live with. Please leave your obnoxious nose out of it. And even though you might not like me, have respect for me. Have some respect for what I’m doing. Respect for my relationship. And try not to have so much hate for me or anyone else in order for you to be able to love yourself.

Thank you.


underexposures asked: I'm in love with more than the idea of you. The idea of you is what picked this up. You as a whole is what's carried it this far.

you. just you. i love you. and know that no matter what we go through, you will always have a special place in my heart. in my mind. in my body.


Anonymous asked: I have so much respect for you, little Jenny. Not so anonymous, Zael.

and I have more respect for you, dear :)


Anonymous asked: Your face! It's soo pretty!

you! you’re too lovely! i’m sure you’re pretty too!

me taken by drewwilsonphoto

Anonymous asked: Good to know you're single now and drew is available ;)

good to know that I’m not single and drew isn’t available ;)


Anonymous asked: Are you still together with your boyfriend or is he now an ex?

he’s not here right now


maemalle asked: you are my favourite person ever. you're so lovely

no no no. YOU are lovely ;*


I want to feel happy. I want to be less afraid. I want to delete everything off of this fucking blog and pretend nothing exists. that this world never existed. that we never happened. that everything will eventually feel ok again.