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hi, i'm jenny woods. bunny jenny. lil bunz.
everything you see on this blog is my own.
i don't believe in clothes or tamed hair. i'm addicted to sadness.

i reside in brooklyn... for now.
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me taken by drewwilsonphoto

Anonymous asked: Good to know you're single now and drew is available ;)

good to know that I’m not single and drew isn’t available ;)


you convince me everything will be okay with your claws wrapped tightly around my neck. your voice isn’t as gentle as it once was and your words frighten me now. I see the hunger in your eye. lips stained red from eating my pretty, barely beating heart.


Anonymous asked: Are you still together with your boyfriend or is he now an ex?

he’s not here right now


maemalle asked: you are my favourite person ever. you're so lovely

no no no. YOU are lovely ;*


I want to feel happy. I want to be less afraid. I want to delete everything off of this fucking blog and pretend nothing exists. that this world never existed. that we never happened. that everything will eventually feel ok again.


deeplynumb asked: do you have an instagram account?



Anonymous asked: Do you still talk to Lisa walker??

of course!


internalsences asked: Honestly everyone needs to stop trying to cause problems regarding your relationship. Love is one of the most powering and beautiful things and it should never try to be interpreted by others. It's not anyone's place to even look at your relationship in any way other than positively. You handle the criticism so well though.. It gives me strength when people say stuff like that too me. I look up to you. Xx

reading this put the biggest smile on my face. and it’s such a relief to hear someone say this. thank you.


Anonymous asked: Hello, you. I just read your story and i had to say that you have such a pure and beautiful heart. It's so warming to relate to your thoughts and art and i'm sure that a lot of young people these days do, too. Have fun being happy:)

aww, thank ya! :)